Dinstar Gateway In India

Dinstar Gateway is a multi-functional gateway that integrates voice service. With Dinstar Gateway, you’ll get three voice interfaces, which offers the seamless connectivity. This also allows you to enjoy high speed internet service through Wi-Fi. It has the high speed data handling capacity, which is ideally suitable for the use. We are the best provider of Dinstar Gateway in India that offers you cost-effective services that consists of gsm gateway, gsm cdma, inbound calls, gsm network,auto dial , outbound calls, ip pbx, automatically dial, voip network, sip trunks, echo cancellation predictive dialer, manual dialing, voip gateways call centers, answering machines, automatically call, sim card, inbound and outbound call.

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The device provides 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 24, 32, 48, 64, seventy two and 112 FXS port(s), fax over information science and a inbuilt high-speed NAT router. These powerful options and smart voice quality build the device ideal for private use and appropriate for varied application environments like SOHO and little enterprises. Moreover, with automatic provisioning and centralized management system, the device is straightforward for maintenance and readying.

Predictive Dialer In India

Telecommunication is that the most important sector of any business. Efficacious communications with the shoppers and partitioning their queries provides a boost to the revenues. a bunch of companies are migrating to VOIP telephone system because it enhances the communication system. However, deploying VOIP system isn’t continually regarding putting in new VOIP phones. there’s a cheap resolution whereby you’ll be able to merely use your existing phones. All you wish to try to tod do} is to shop for an FXS entryway that is an analog phone adapter. because the FXS entryway uses RJ11 ports, therefore it facilitates your fax machines and gift phones to attach with IP-telephony networks and IP-PBX systems seamlessly.

Dinstar Gateway could be a well-known whole that manufactures top-notch quality, sturdy and technologically advanced merchandise. The whole offers AN array of FXS gateways with multiple ports and FXS lines starting from one to 112. It offers AN FXS entryway that gives 112 FXS lines that is appropriate for the decision centers and huge corporations.

The FXS gateways accompany friendly interface that’s straightforward to take care of. it’s compatible with myriads of protocols together with SIP, MGCP, IMS, IAX2 and lots of additional. The cabling length varies from 2km to 5km which will simply be utilized in offices of various sizes. All the FXS entryway from Dinstar comes with an a minimum of 1-year pledge. they are available with a inbuilt firewall and dinstar cloud management system.

Available :-

  • Dinstar 2 Port GSM
  • Dinstar 4 Port GSM
  • Dinstar 8 Port GSM
  • Dinstar 16 Port GSM
  • Dinstar 32 Port GSM

Benifits :-

  • Cost Savings – Save phone bills tremendously with mobile-to-mobile calls and LCR.
  • Backup – Work as a cost-effective backup when the landline network goes down LCR.
  • Easy to install – Everything can be quickly set up in the Web-based management interface.LCR.
  • Easy to integrate – High compatibility with major IP PBX and Softswitch brands.LCR.

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